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Research activity

The Institute of Pricing and Regulation of Natural Monopolies realizes applied and fundamental researches.

Key areas of activity are connected with scientific research and expert analytical work in the sphere of energy and infrastructure industries:

·      Power industry

·      Gas industry

·      Railways

·      Heat supply

·      Water and sanitation

Key research themes:

·      strategic and innovative development of natural monopolies;

·      pricing regulation of fuel and energy, communal complex and transport sector;

·      instrument of tariff regulation of natural monopolies;

·      benchmarking in regulated sectors of economics;

·      energy efficiency and energy saving;

·      trends in the international and Russian energy markets.

Key research results:

·      The concept of development of the gas market in Russia.

·      The concept of modernization the system of tariff (pricing) regulation in Russia.

·      Assessment of the impact of pricing levels and tariffs of natural monopolies on the competitiveness of basic industries.

·      Benchmarking of grid organizations.

·      The forecast of prices for electricity and heat supply.

·      Comparative analyses of the effectiveness (benchmarking) heat supply organizations in Russia.

·      Development of predictive model of energy intensity of Russia's economy in general and by industry.

·      The concept of regional transport.



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